Music Transposition

How Does it work?

Music Transposition

Sometimes something as simple as transposing can be time consuming and quite frustrating. Being able to properly transpose a piece of music into a new key is just as important as any other technical service provided in this industry. We offer various transposition services such as transposing to a new key and writing transposing to concert pitch and vise-versa.

1 - Send us the part/score

Include details about the desired transposition

2 - Receive the transposed Score

We send you the PDF file plus the source file I needed (Sibelius, Finale, Dorico, Musescore, Guitar Pro, XML)
Turnaround Time
Clients Satisfaction


Original in D Minor

Transposed to G mino

Original for Bb Trumpet

Transposed for Eb Trumpet

Original in E minor

Transposed to G minor

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